Archies vs Havaianas from your FNQ Podiatrists view

Coming into the warmer months and the wet season thongs are the choice of footwear of many North Queenslanders. Havaianas have long been the favourite style of thong in FNQ but are they still the best option. So what is the difference between Archies and good old flat Havaianas?

The biggest difference would have to be the shape with the Archies having up to 2.2cm of arch shape which is comparable to a prefabricated orthotic. This arch supports goes along with aapproxiametly 10 mm of heel pitch which is very close to that in leading running shoe brands.

This combination of arch shape and heel pitch help to support your foot and allow normal ankle function. The heel pitch is also great for achilles tendon or plantar fascial injuries to reduce the stress through those structures, your podiatrist can even increase the pitch if need be.
Around the heel is a mild heel cup which serves to guide your heel into the correct position. This is great for reducing heel callus and preventing the formation of fissures or heel splits.

The one piece design means that the straps are moulded into the thong. Meaning that there is no need to collect bread clips anymore as the thong wont “blow out”. The shape and the straps also leads to a reduction in clawing of toes to keep the thong on the foot which can reduce lesser toe issues down the track. Reducing issues with bunions was well.

If you’re not sure if Archies would be appropriate for you, speak with your FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics podiatrist about the benefits of Archies today. To book an appointment call 40455749 today.


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