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Hip and lower back pain treatment Cairns can be provided by the professional team at FNQ Podiatry & Orthotics. As Podiatrists, we receive regular referrals from other allied health professionals (physios, chiropractors etc) for a host of different complaints. One of the most common of these being hip and lower back pain. Yes, we know that you are probably thinking right now about how Podiatrists can help with lower back and hip pain but stay with us, there is a big link and we will explain the process and rationale behind our hip and lower back pain treatment Cairns.

How can my feet be the cause of hip and lower back pain?

Feet are the foundation for the entire body and not unlike a building, if there are issues with a foundation, there are generally flow-on effects further up the chain. If the foot rolls in (pronates), this leads to internal rotation of the shin bone (tibia). The Tibia also makes up half of the knee joint so this internal rotation leads to an internally rotated knee, therefore causing the thigh bone to rotate in (Femur). The femur makes up half of the hip joint and so on – I am sure you are getting our drift. In addition to pronating feet, there are a number of other common ways that the feet and legs can contribute to lower back pain.

Some Common Ways Feet & Legs Can Contribute To Lower Back Pain

  1. Unstable or hypermobile feet can lead to instability further up the chain.
  2. Having one leg longer than the other can lead to one hip taking increased pressure compared to the other. One side of the lower back will often tighten while the other stretches, therefore contributing to discomfort through the area.
  3. Inappropriate footwear can also contribute to increased work-load through the hip and lower back. A lot of runners we see are using the wrong style of shoe for their individual biomechanics.
  4. Recurrent lower limb injuries e.g. ankle sprains are also a big risk factor for hip and lower back pain due to altered biomechanics.
  5. Poor lower limb biomechanics can lead to increased tension through the sciatic nerve and hence contribute to a common issue known as Sciatica.

If you feel any of the above applies to you, then you might benefit from our hip and lower back pain treatment Cairns; contact our team to book in a biomechanical assessment.

Hip and Lower Back Pain Treatment Cairns - biomechanical assessment

One of our friendly Podiatrists will run you through the examination which includes a video walking/running analysis, stance assessment, strength/mobility screening and footwear analysis. At the completion of the assessment, your Podiatrist will be able to determine whether or not your lower limbs and feet are contributing to your discomfort and if so, create a tailored hip and lower back pain Cairns treatment plan to treat your specific issue/s.

If everything looks good from a lower limb perspective, we can refer you to one of our trusted allied health colleagues for further investigation.


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