Get on top of your Cricket Spikes this Summer!

Cricket is a tough sport especially up in Cairns with the heat and the humidity. With the long time standing throughout the day, cricket can have a gruelling effect on your feet and legs. It is important to ensure appropriate footwear is used to reduce risk of injuries. 

Here at FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics, we have seen a number of injuries throughout summer caused by cricket, including shin splints all the way to broken toe nails. The numerous different actions from bowling and batting puts heightened stress throughout the lower limb. To minimize the risk of these injuries FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics want to ensure you are in the correct shoes. Here are three tips to ensure that your feet in the right shoes to take wickets and score runs pain free!

Firstly it is important that you update your cricket spikes regularly (not using the same pair over the past 5 seasons!). This should be completed every 1-2 seasons. Tips to look out for is wear throughout all spikes, shoe bending through the midfoot and not through the forefoot or the heel counter has deteriorated. 

Secondly ensure correct fit. As a pace bowler this is important. The force coming through the big toe and nail when bowling pace is very high, this increases your chance to bruise your nail and potentially have it fall off. We always recommend at least a thumbs width through the end of the shoe to reduce this risk.

Lastly, ensuring you are buying a quality set of spikes – our most recommended brands are Asics and New Balance – these are far more supportive than other brands. Their dual EVA design also makes them a lot more comfortable!

If you are finding pain still persists give us a call our friendly team a call on 4045 5749 or alternatively book online now. 


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