Orthotic Friendly Footwear -Your Cairns Podiatrist Top Tips

Orthotics fit great into shoes such as runners but even as podiatrists we understand wearing runners all the time is just not going to happen. So the next big question is what other shoes can I put my orthotics into? This comes down to why your Cairns podiatrist has prescribed your orthotics; for example if the orthotics are just for running then there’s no need to wear them to the shops or to lunch. The shoe that an orthotic can fit into also depends on the type of device and the shape and size of the device. 

The easiest shoe an orthotic can fit into and the most frequently recommended is a runner. Running shoes generally have a removable sock liner that can be easily replaced with the orthotic, without taking up any additional space within the shoe. Runners generally tick all the boxes in terms of the features recommended by your podiatrist. There are also a number of casual and dress sneakers that can adequately take an orthotic; such as the Frankie4 range, which also all come with a removable sock liner. Rounding out enclosed shoes; work boots are also suitable to accommodate orthotics. Again they are generally built with a removable sock liner. 

Coming into summer in FNQ, for most people, enclosed shoes are not the preferred option. Which means sandals, slides and thongs are the go to shoes. Now obviously thongs and orthotics don’t go together, but that doesn’t mean thongs are a no go all together, there are thongs such as the Archies that can be a good alternative for some people for periods of time. For others though, sandals such as the Revere range are the best option to hold an orthotic while still remaining cool for summer. For the fellas; Revere even does a leather slide that an orthotic can be fitted to. If you have any questions around which sandals are appropriate for you speak with your podiatrist. See our post on our top 5 open shoes this summer. http://bigbluedevelopment.com/old.fnqpodiatry.com.au/our-top-5-open-shoes-this-fnq-summer/

All in all there are plenty of options for most occasions; whether it’s work, exercise, going out or even just ducking to the shops. If you would like to discuss your footwear options, book in with your Cairns podiatrist today. We’re here to help, providing professional foot pain treatment Cairns services.


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