Pre-season Training and foot pain. Your Local Cairns Podiatrist can help.

The pre-season training and foot pain.

Getting back into pre-season training isn’t only tough on the fitness level. Without proper preparation injury can occur. Injuries such as shin splints, achilles tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis are the most common overuse injury we see in clinic. These are all related to the sudden increase in running load and puts excessive stress through the lower limb which the body may not be prepared for. Pre-season injury treatment and assessment is available by your local Cairns Podiatrist at FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics. 

What can you do to help?

There are several ways to treat common injuries such as using the POLICE (protection, optimal loading, ice, compression and elevation) method. This should be the frontline treatment for all overuse injuries which may occur.

A common issue in preseason training is wearing football boots for long distance running at training. There is far more benefit from wearing a good quality running shoe for this style of training. It is important to make sure that the current footwear is appropriate. Most running shoes only last 500-600km, past this can lead to a compressed midsole which leads to less support and excessive stress being put onto the feet.

Moving from a running shoe to football boots, it is paramount that the foot is still supported. Many football boots do not have the required support or the shock absorbing capacity which is required. In most cases we advise a good quality football boot such as ASIC’s as they have a slight heel gradient of 10mm pre built into the shoe.

If you are continuing to get niggling pain and its stopping you from getting back into sport, it’s time to see one of our Cairns podiatrists at FNQ podiatry.

All our podiatrists are trained to do thorough assessments which target the hips, knee, ankle and feet. We use high speed video analysis which we use to observe your running and walking gait. We treat the symptoms as well as the underlying problem. You’ll be provided with a management plan, specific to you, to get you back playing as soon as possible.

Treatments we offer:

Modification of training, Custom Foot orthotics, Footwear advice, Strengthening exercises, Rigid and kinesio taping, Shockwave treatment, Dry Needling and mobilisation and manipulation techniques.

The earlier you seek pre-season training injury treatment Cairns, the quicker it will get better. A lot of people think the pain will get better on its own and keep training through the pain. This generally results in a lack of early intervention and symptoms quickly snowball into a chronic issue. Our clinics provide effective Cairns pre-season injury treatment for a range of patients.


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The average pair of feet walk approximately 200,000 km over the course of a lifetime - have you had yours checked recently?

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