AFL and your feet this Cairns season

With the Cairns AFL season in full swing it is essential that you are in the appropriate boots and doing everything you can to ensure your body lasts throughout the more

I have one leg shorter than the other, should I get this assessed?

A leg length discrepancy is a difference between the length of the legs from your hips down to your feet. Minor leg length differences are very common, with a majority of more

Beware of the Nail Salon

There are many reasons why you should visit a Podiatrist over going to a nail salon. While nail salons may make your feet look pretty and pampered, there are some more

Stubborn Warts FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics treatment

Firstly, what is a wart? Warts are a skin infection caused by the Human Papillomavirus. There are numerous different warts which all differ slightly in appearance. However they generally all more

Trigger ball – An alternative to regular massage

Using a massage ball to release your plantar fascia  Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common conditions we see here at FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics Cairns. Anybody who has more

Help control your Raynaud’s this Winter – FNQ Podiatry tips

Raynaud’s phenomenon is a problem that results in decreased blood flow to the fingers. In some cases, it also causes less blood flow to the ears, toes, knees, or nose. more

Cold vs heat therapy – Cairns Podiatry Do’s and Don’ts

Both heat and cold therapy are common methods for the FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics treatment of painful or achy legs and feet; however knowing when and why to use each more

FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics tips on washing orthotics

In the tropics our feet are prone to sweat which may cause foot odour due to the humidity. Coming up into the Cairns wet season our shoes and orthotics are more

FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics Do’s and DON’Ts of Foam rolling

Foam rollers are a self massage tool designed to assist with myofascial release across all regions of the body. Foam rolling is a great alternative to getting a sports massage more

Dry needling – How FNQ Podiatry can reduce your lower limb pain

So you’ve had your initial biomechanical assessment with your treating FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics podiatrist and they have recommended dry needling to assist with your treatment. Straight up the word more

Dry or cracked heels? FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics can help!

If you suffer from dry or cracked heels, you will be well aware of how uncomfortable this can be. Dry skin may need a little extra care, especially in harsh more

Archies vs Havaianas from your FNQ Podiatrists view

Coming into the warmer months and the wet season thongs are the choice of footwear of many North Queenslanders. Havaianas have long been the favourite style of thong in FNQ more

Are my orthotics capable of switching between shoes?

Are my orthotics capable of switching between shoes?  It’s no secret that custom orthotics are an investment and when it comes to investing it’s only natural to want and expect more

Do I have a bunion – Cairns Diagnosis and Treatment

What is a bunion? A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of your big toe. It occurs when some of the bones in more

Foot Drop Brace Options

Richie Brace:  Pro’s Custom orthotic footplate means the Richie brace has the ability to incorporate any feature a normal foot orthotic can possess. Custom fit to the foot and leg, more

Foot Drop – Cairns diagnosis and treatment

Foot drop is the result of an acquired weakness or paralysis within the muscles of the front of the leg. This weakness results in a gait abnormality where there is more

Get on a roll with your foam roller

Are you tired of swapping chores for leg and foot massages from your significant other? Stop right there because we have the answer for you!  Foam rollers are a self more

Get on top of your Cricket Spikes this Summer!

Cricket is a tough sport especially up in Cairns with the heat and the humidity. With the long time standing throughout the day, cricket can have a gruelling effect on more

Tingling toes – Cairns Podiatrist Diagnosis and Treatment

What causes tingling toes? Symptoms such as tingling, numbness and burning are a common presentation in our Cairns Podiatry clinics. There can be a number of different causes and contributing more