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The Cairns foot drop brace product range has been revolutionised, with the introduction of the EXO-L UP ankle brace. Available exclusively through FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics, the EXO-L UP is a brand-new product which has been designed and tailored to specifically support those with neurological disorders, such as foot drop and cerebral palsy.

Historically, foot drop was typically managed by the patient wearing a large, chunky leg orthotic that extended up towards the knee joint. Whilst being effective at helping to prevent the foot from dropping, these braces came with their own host of issues, which included rubbing and irritation, the inability to fit in shoes, being heavy to wear and in our climate, being very hot. The good news is there is now a light, slim-line option available on the market that is trusted by patients all over the world – the EXO-L UP ankle brace! Even better, it’s claimable through your Private Health Fund and is NDIS approved.

Cairns Foot Drop Treatment Revolutionised - The EXO-L UP Ankle Brace

As the name suggests, foot drop is a gait abnormality in which the front of the foot drops down while the leg is swinging through with walking. This is often the result of nerve damage where the muscles that lift the foot are no longer functioning as they should. Anyone who suffers from foot drop understands how frustrating this issue can be. Simple daily activities such as walking the dog, walking upstairs or going for a run become a lot more challenging. Prior to the arrival of the new EXO-L UP ankle brace, Cairns foot drop treatment centred around the supply and application of large leg orthotics. The new EXOL UP changes this.

Cairns EXO-L UP Ankle Brace

The EXO-L UP ankle brace is an extension and modification of the EXO-L Cairns ankle brace; another innovative product that we’re excited to make available to our patients. The EXO-L UP provides exciting scope to improve mobility and therefore quality of life for those with neurological disorders and suffering foot drop. The brace is customised to suit each individual, is lightweight, durable, supportive and easy to take on and off. The EXO-L UP ankle brace has an adjustable cord that runs from the front of the ankle to the front of the shoe, this helps to actively lift your foot up while walking, therefore taking work-load away from your damaged muscles. In addition, there is also a strap that runs to the outside of the shoe that acts as an external seat belt, to prevent the ankle from rolling out. The strap only tightens when the specific movement of ‘rolling out’ occurs and in turn, prevents any further movement in that direction. Providing protection, stability and confidence, without impeding movement.

At FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics, we stay abreast of industry innovations to ensure we’re always providing our patients with the best treatment and products. We’re excited to be the exclusive Cairns provider of the EXO-L UP ankle braces, north of Brisbane.

Cairns Foot Drop Brace - Key Features & Points Of Difference For The EXO-L UP Ankle Brace

  • Weighing just 100g, the EXO-L UP is much lighter compared to traditional ankle-foot orthotics for foot drop.
  • As the brace sits outside of the shoe, it doesn’t take up any extra bulk; no more having to go up 2 shoe sizes to fit a chunky brace on!
  • Allows unrestricted ankle/foot movement in all other directions; unlike traditional braces that lock everything up.
  • The cord and silver clamp are the same materials used for abseiling so are very strong/reliable.
  • Completely custom made for your ankle based off a 3D scan before being 3D printed.
  • Multiple colour options available – blend it in with your shoes or go as bright and colourful as you like!
  • Quick and easy to put on – under 20 seconds!

Getting It Is So Easy - Make An Appointment Today

If you are worried about your foot drop and are tired of having to wear big, uncomfortable and heavy AFO’s, then contact us about getting the new EXO-L UP ankle brace. To see if you are a suitable candidate for the EXO-L UP make an appointment with one of our friendly Cairns Podiatrists. They will run you through a Biomechanical Assessment and if an EXO-L UP brace is deemed suitable for you, we’ll take a 3D scan of your feet/ankles. This scan is then sent to the EXO-L team in Holland where your brace is designed using CAD-CAM software. This file is then sent back to Adelaide where your brace is constructed using a 3D printer. Approximate turn-around time for this process is 3 weeks.

Follow The Below Easy Steps To Get Started On Your New Cairns Foot Drop Brace

  1. Book an appointment with one of our highly trained Cairns Podiatrists for a Biomechanical Assessment.
  2. The Podiatrist will take a 3D scan is of your foot and ankle.
  3. The brace is then 3D printed to ensure perfect fit to the ankle.
  4. Your shoes are fitted with special patches for the custom brace to be attached to.
  5. Once the brace arrives, you come in for their fitting appointment.

The EXO-L UP is a revolutionary foot drop brace. The first of its kind tailored specifically to support enhanced movement and mobility for those with neurological disorders. For more information or to book an appointment, contact us today on (07) 4045 5749 or We look forward to seeing you in one of our clinics soon.


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