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Shockwave therapy Cairns is a non-invasive treatment modality commonly used to treat various, chronic tendon issues and lower limb conditions. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) – also known as Shockwave therapy – produces radial pressure waves, which create a local inflammatory response and therefore promotes a healing process. In other words, Shockwave therapy Cairns forces your body to recognise there is an issue in a particular area e.g. unhealthy tendon and then trigger it to try and repair the problem. Please note that while it is called ‘shockwave’, it’s a mechanical force not an electric shock, as the name would suggest. All of our Cairns Podiatrist team at FNQ Podiatry & Orthotics are trained in the use of Shockwave therapy.

What is Shockwave Therapy Cairns Used for?

Shockwave therapy Cairns is often indicated for chronic cases of tendinopathies, a process in which a tendon becomes irritated and slowly breaks down over time. The most common examples that we treat with Cairns Shockwave therapy are Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinopathy . We also use shockwave therapy for Morton’s Neuroma, an issue associated with a thickened nerve bundle in the ball of the foot. Cairns Shockwave therapy desensitizes the nerve, as well as creating an inflammatory process to promote healing.

Why do we use it? The human body is attuned to recognise acute injuries, such as ankle sprains, and kicks into gear to repair the injury. This is why you will often see swelling and bruising around an acute injury, as it is essentially a natural inflammatory process. In chronic injuries (usually over 8-10 weeks duration), this process no longer occurs, hence we use Cairns Shockwave therapy to reset the body’s repair system to promote healing.

How does Shockwave Therapy Cairns Work?

  • The shockwaves produce a local inflammatory response which increases metabolic activity around the site of pain to promote healing.
  • It breaks down scar tissue and calcification.
  • Transmission of pain is inhibited by having a local effect on the surrounding nerves.
  • Reduces pain.
  • Stimulates collagen production to help with healing.

How long does the Shockwave Therapy Cairns take and last?

Approximately 2,000 pulses are administered per treatment area; this takes 5-10 minutes pending on the presenting complaint. This may need to be extended for more chronic cases. This process is then repeated once a week for four weeks.

What is the Process for Shockwave Therapy Cairns?

Your Podiatrist will run you through a thorough Biomechanical Assessment to work out the cause of your pain and what factors are contributing to the issue. If the Podiatrist deems Shockwave therapy Cairns to be a useful tool in the management of your condition, they will explain the process with you and run through the consent form. They will then rebook you for the once a week or four weeks treatment regime, with each treatment taking approximately 20-30mins.

It is important to note that the actual Cairns Shockwave treatment itself will only last for 3-4 minutes. The rest of the session is spent focusing on releasing tight muscles through the area, mobilizing tight joints in the foot/ankle and running you through your tailored strengthening program.

Does Shockwave Therapy Cairns hurt?

Shockwave treatment can be uncomfortable and is recommended that pain levels sit around 6-7/10 during the session. Most people are able to easily tolerate it, however, if you cannot, adjustments on the machine can decrease the pressure you feel.

Will Shockwave Therapy Cairns hurt after the treatment?

There may or may not be immediate pain, but some discomfort may be experienced 2-4 hours after the treatment. In some cases it can last up to 48 hours and in very rare cases, the pain can last up to 5 days. In most cases however, pain levels improve within the first 24 hours due to the effect it has on the nerve supply. It is important to note that as we are trying to create an inflammatory response from the treatment, we ask that you refrain from taking any anti-inflammatories or from icing during this period. Paracetamol is fine to take.


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