Yellow Toenails- Cairns Treatment

Have you been monitoring that little white/yellow discolouration on your toenail for a while? Are you concerned that it could be spreading?
Chances are, you have a Cairns fungal infection in your toe nail. Fungal toe nails effect approximately 10% of the population world-wide, with this figure being significantly higher in tropical locations such as Far North QLD. Fungal spores thrive in humid, moist climates and that makes Northern Queensland the perfect breeding ground for these spores to multiply.
It is important to note at this point though, that not all discoloured toe nails are linked directly to fungus. There are a variety of different conditions that can mimic a fungal nail, hence why it is important to have the nail assessed by a professional Cairns podiatrist prior to starting self-treatment.

If the nail is officially diagnosed as being fungal, you may be inundated by a wide variety of treatment options from your friends and family members. There are many wife’s tales based around the treatment of this condition such as duct tape, vinegar and water or even banana skins. However, research has shown that there are only three treatment options that have positive effects on the fungal spores. These are;
Topical treatments e.g. Loceryl
Applied on top of the nail in a cream or lacquer
Long process and takes continual application for up to 12 months
Evidence suggests a success rate of 30-40%

Oral medication e.g. Lamisil
Tablet that is prescribed by your GP
Large number of side effects
You often require liver functions tests prior to starting due to the intensity of the medication
Success rate of 60-70%

Cairns Lunula Laser Treatment:
Success rates between 75-95% and is therefore the current gold standard
Backed heavily by research
Completely pain free with no side effects
Only takes 12 minutes each foot
You only require between 4-8 treatments pending on the severity of your fungal infection.
Two laser beams; the first kills active fungal spores and the 2nd improves blood flow to promote healthy nail growth.

All of our friendly podiatrists at FNQ Podiatry & Orthotics are trained to assess your fungal nails and in the use the lunula laser. For more information click here
If you are concerned that you have a Cairns fungal toenail, call our friendly team today to book in for an initial appointment to have it assessed and to formulate a treatment plan. Online bookings are available at or call our clinics on 4045 5749.