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Charcot Marie Tooth treatment Cairns is available at FNQ Podiatry & Orthotics. What is Charcot Marie Tooth? It’s an inherited group of neurological disorders which causes damage to the peripheral and motor nerves within the body. Peripheral nerves are the nerves responsible for the transmission of signals between the brain/ spinal cord and the body’s peripheries which include, but are not restricted to, feet, legs, arms and hands. Motor nerves control movement and muscle strength; the disruption of electrical signals to the muscles of the lower limbs results in smaller muscles and generalised weakness. Our team of podiatrists can assist with treatment and advice to support your lower limbs. If you have Charcot Marie Tooth, we can provide supportive Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) Cairns treatment and advice, on the areas relevant to our expertise.

Some of the Signs and symptoms of Charcot Marie Tooth

  • Abnormal or total loss of sensation in the legs and feet
  • Weakness in your legs, ankles and feet
  • Loss of muscle bulk in your legs and feet (atrophy)
  • High foot arches/supinated foot posture
  • Curled toes (hammertoes)
  • Difficulty lifting your foot at the ankle (footdrop)
  • Frequent tripping or falling

Being a neurological condition, the symptoms of CMT are often progressive in nature and can vary widely in severity between cases. Due to the high arched foot shape that is adopted in CMT cases, lower limb issues are one of the most common complaints. A reduced tolerance to stress due to decreased muscle bulk and strength, frequently leads to overuse injuries in the legs and feet. From a sensory perspective, issues arise in regard to individuals with CMT being unable to detect potential dangerous stimuli. The inability to recognise sharp objects that can penetrate the sole of the foot and excessive heat or cold can result in infection, which often go unnoticed in the early stages. If this sounds like you, or someone you know with CMT, we can provide advice and support with assessment, preparation and provision of an Individualised CMT Cairns treatment plan, targetting the feet and lower limbs.

Charcot Marie Tooth Treatment Cairns - With FNQ Podiatry & Orthotics

While there is no cure for CMT, the symptoms affecting day to day living can be addressed to improve overall quality of life, improving function and decreasing pain. There are many ways in which a podiatrist is able to help, some of which are detailed below.

How FNQ Podiatry & Orthotics Can Help

  • Footwear Advice – Due to the high arched foot posture that individuals with CMT adopt, wearing the correct style of footwear is vital to improve stability, reduce pain and limit rubbing or irritation due to poor fit. As well as stocking a wide range of specialised footwear, we can advise on the best fit for your feet and condition.
  • Custom Cairns Orthotics – Orthotics play a significant role in the acute treatment of pain associated with CMT. When abnormal foot posture or biomechanics are identified as a risk factor, an orthotic can be designed to specifically alter how much force is being directed at a particular joint. As well as re-directing forces, we’re also able to support and cushion the already affected joints and muscles. Your feet play a large role in your overall posture and are often a main factor in pain higher throughout the body such as knees and lower back. At FNQ Podiatry & Orthotics we custom make world class orthotics, tailored specifically to your needs, and can include this as a part of our Charcot Marie Tooth Cairns treatment plan.
  • Strength and Mobility – As CMT is a progressive condition, our Charcot Marie Tooth Cairns treatment plans often include a tailored strength and conditioning program, to improve or maintain lower limb strength. This is very important as is tissues become weak, their tolerance to stress will also decrease, making you more susceptible to pain and injury. Creating a strong, stable base for the rest of the body will significantly reduce other issues from arising throughout the body.
  • Neurological Testing – As mentioned before, decreased sensitivity to touch, heat and cold is a side effect of CMT. Annually checking neurological function can assist with being aware of an increasing degree of peripheral neuropathy. Education regarding the best methods of trauma secondary to neuropathy is explained at each neurological assessment and is another essential element in our Charcot Marie Tooth Cairns treatment plans.

If you or any of your family are suffering from Charcot Marie Tooth, contact our friendly reception team today to book your initial assessment.


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