Take the headache out of school shoe shopping

Back to school, it’s that time of year again. You’ve almost made it through the struggle that is eight weeks of school holidays and you remember the kids need new school shoes. Most families find school shoe shopping to be quite the headache; from uncomfortable shoes to ‘ugly’ styles it is far from a relaxing task, so we’re here to help.  Your child’s feet are one of their most important assets. Carrying them around all day, allowing them to run, jump, climb and simply enjoy being a kid. However, their little feet are much more vulnerable to ‘life’ then ours …read more

Pre-season Training and foot pain. Your Local Cairns Podiatrist can help.

The pre-season training and foot pain. Getting back into pre-season training isn’t only tough on the fitness level. Without proper preparation injury can occur. Injuries such as shin splints, achilles tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis are the most common overuse injury we see in clinic. These are all related to the sudden increase in running load and puts excessive stress through the lower limb which the body may not be prepared for. Pre-season injury treatment and assessment is available by your local Cairns Podiatrist at FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics.  What can you do to help? There are several ways to treat …read more

Shockwave Therapy Cairns Podiatry Treatment

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) also known as ‘Shockwave therapy’, is used to treat a range of lower limb conditions. More so, long-standing soft tissue conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) and achilles tendinopathy. Your Cairns Podiatrists are all trained in the use of shockwave therapy.  How does it work? Shockwave therapy is an acoustic wave which carries high energy to painful spots and soft tissues with chronic conditions. The energy promotes regeneration and a repairing process of the tendons and other soft tissues. Shockwave also helps to increase blood flow and healing, which can result in an immediate relief …read more

Wave goodbye to 2021 not your health fund benefits

The festive season is fast approaching, reminding us how close we are to 2022! With the new year just around the corner, it is important to remember that the majority of major health fund re-boot on the 1st of January.  What does this mean for you? If you have private health insurance and you have not yet maximised on your rebates for podiatry cover, unfortunately these will not roll over into the new year. Don’t wave goodbye to your benefits along with the year 2021. Below are some options for what you can use your private health for at FNQ Podiatry …read more

Orthotic Friendly Footwear -Your Cairns Podiatrist Top Tips

Orthotics fit great into shoes such as runners but even as podiatrists we understand wearing runners all the time is just not going to happen. So the next big question is what other shoes can I put my orthotics into? This comes down to why your Cairns podiatrist has prescribed your orthotics; for example if the orthotics are just for running then there’s no need to wear them to the shops or to lunch. The shoe that an orthotic can fit into also depends on the type of device and the shape and size of the device.  The easiest shoe an …read more

All you need to know about CAM walkers

What is a CAM walker and what considerations should you take if you are in one A CAM walker is a brace that is used by your podiatrist to immobilises and unload your foot and ankle. The CAM even stands for Controlled Ankle Movement. They are frequently used for more serious injuries where offloading from a foot orthoses and a supportive shoe may not be enough. The CAM walker is basically a cast you can walk in. The benefits of a CAM walker over a cast is that it is removable, adjustable, durable, reusable and hygienic. Being in the Far …read more

Our Top 5 open shoes this FNQ Summer

The FNQ heat is well and truly upon us already, which for most locals means wearing closed in shoes even less than usual. While this is not ideal, particularly for people who are in an acute injury phase, there are suitable options which can help to provide a balance over summer.   1. Archie thongs – Archies are a great alternative to your much loved haviannas. They provide a suitable amount of support for those trips camping or to the beach. Being 100% rubber compound they are not affected by water which is a big bonus through the summer months. …read more

Your Cairns Podiatrist Keeping your Feet Fighting Fit

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common conditions we see here at FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics Cairns. Anybody who has experienced this condition knows just how painful, debilitating and slow to recover it can be. While having a customised Cairns podiatrist treatment plan tailored to your specific risk factors is vital to treatment success, one treatment which really does make your break your success is baseline strength.  The fasciitis fighter is a new tool to our clinic and is designed as a strength trainer for the feet. As surprising as it may seem, there are 10 intrinsic muscles within …read more

Cairns Podiatrists Slip Slop Slap this Summer

Living in FNQ we are certainly no stranger to lathering on sunscreen on a daily basis. The outdoor lifestyle, thongs and barefeet is a way off life up this part of the country, however how often do you stop and sunscreen your feet? Unfortunately the feet and legs are one of the most overlooked areas of the body when it comes to skin cancers on the body. While they can present similarly to skin cancers on other sun-exposed areas, there are some sneaky areas which are frequently missed including between the toes and under the nails and these cancers often differ …read more

Cairns Podiatrist Tips for Caring for your New Orthotics

You are now the excited new owner of your first pair of custom orthotics and you are most likely itching to give them a test run. However, custom orthotics are an investment if your foot and lower limb health and therefore caring for and maintaining them is crucial to their effectiveness.  A little background info:  Most commonly orthotics are made from a material called EVA. This material is the same as what the soles of your running shoes are made from. EVA is a durable, rubber like material which allows a degree of softness and flexibility in your orthotic improving …read more