Your Podiatrist In Cairns Is A Specialist In Treating Ingrown Toenails.

The community in Cairns is very fortunate to have access to the Podiatry services provided by FNQ Podiatry & Orthotics, which includes several well located clinics throughout Northern Queensland, including Redlynch, Edmonton, Mareeba and Innisfail. The team of professionals who provide Podiatry services at these family friendly clinics, are highly trained in all areas of Podiatry and Orthotics, with a special interest in sporting injuries, as well as general foot conditions, including ingrown nails, plantar warts, fungal nails, corn/callous etc. Children Benefit From A Visit To The Podiatrist In Cairns A visit to your local Podiatrist in Cairns, is well …read more

What Services Does A Podiatrist In Cairns Provide For Our Better Health?

Your Podiatrist in Cairns provides services dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and management of medical conditions and injuries of the foot, ankle and lower limb. Foot and ankle problems can be caused from chronic medical conditions like Arthritis or Diabetes, however the wearing of ill fitting shoes is a very real concern as this can cause acute pain in the feet. People who may need to visit heir local Podiatrist include those who: People who are prone to aches and pains such as shin splints – Shin splints’ is a term referring to pain felt anywhere along the shinbone …read more

Take A Step In The Right Direction With Your Local Podiatrist In Cairns

If you are you continually suffering from tired, aching feet, you can choose to take a step in the right direction and head for your local Podiatrist in Cairns. You may be surprised to discover that the shoes which you are wearing, are actually causing problems with your feet. Wearing the correct footwear is crucial when it comes to not only preventing sore feet and legs, but also to prevent ongoing injury as well. Tired, sore feet need the right combination of support and cushioning. You need to wear the correct type of footwear depending on your lifestyle and what …read more

Your Local Podiatrist In Cairns For Family Foot Care

Taking care of your feet, ankles and legs is what we do best at our Podiatry and Orthotics clinics in Cairns. We will always strive to provide the very best Podiatry care that you would expect for yourself and your family. As a local practice with an excellent team of dedicated practitioners and staff, we value our commitment to our patients to ensure their feet are in good hands with a local Podiatrist at any of our clinics. We offer an extensive range of Podiatry services in Cairns for the entire family with a special interest in sport injuries to …read more

FNQ Podiatry & Orthotics

When looking for podiatric services for the whole family, look no further than our friendly, local team at FNQ Podiatry & Orthotics. With our point of difference being the latest Podiatric technology and our special interest in sports injuries of the lower limb and foot, we are passionate about getting our patients pain free and back doing what they love as soon as possible. Being the official treating Podiatrists for the Cairns Taipans and Northern Pride, our team take great pride in providing high quality, evidence based care for every patient who visits our various clinics across Far North Queensland. …read more