Cairns Podiatrist Tips for Caring for your New Orthotics

You are now the excited new owner of your first pair of custom orthotics and you are most likely itching to give them a test run. However, custom orthotics are an investment if your foot and lower limb health and therefore caring for and maintaining them is crucial to their effectiveness. 

A little background info: 

  • Most commonly orthotics are made from a material called EVA. This material is the same as what the soles of your running shoes are made from. EVA is a durable, rubber like material which allows a degree of softness and flexibility in your orthotic improving overall comfort. 

First things first, cleaning; 


  • Wipe your orthotic with a damp cloth if you feel the covers are getting dirty or smelly. 
  • If your orthotics get wet throughout the day, allow them to ONLY dry inside under a fan. 
  • If you are going to wash your shoes, ensure you remove your orthotics first. 
  • If the cover of your orthotics does smell and is bothering you, the covers are generally able to be replaced. 


  • Do not submerge your orthotics in water to clean 
  • Do not put your orthotics in the washing machine or clothes dryer 
  • Do not place your orthotics in direct sunlight or leave for extended periods in the heat of your car – they will shrink and change shape with severe temperatures. 

Long term care: 

4 week orthotic review 

Upon receiving your orthotics you will be booked in for a 4 week review. This review is to ensure that you have adapted to the orthotics well, there are no signs of incorrect wear and to continue adjunctive therapy or review any exercises you have been prescribed. 

12 month orthotic review 

You will be contacted every 12 months for an annual review. Again the purpose of this review is to make sure the orthotics are still working correctly in improving your lower limb mechanics and that there are no unusual or excessive wear patterns. Modifications are also able to be made if new issues have arisen or your initial gait pattern has changed. 

The average lifespan of an EVA orthotic varies significantly based on frequency of wear, your work environment and the type of activity you do. However attending your recommended appointments may increase their longevity as the podiatrist will be able to identify any adjustments or repairs that are required. Children and growing adolescents may require more regular review as their needs are more frequently changing. 

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