Beware of the Nail Salon

There are many reasons why you should visit a Podiatrist over going to a nail salon. While nail salons may make your feet look pretty and pampered, there are some health risks involved with foot soaking, skin scraping, nail trimming and cuticle clipping that just might leave you regretting your decision. 

So, why go to a Podiatrist instead…

Podiatrists are fully qualified health professionals with the knowledge and skills to treat a multitude of skin and nail conditions safely. All of our treatments are gold standard and evidence based. Podiatrists have the knowledge and experience in cutting toenails of all shapes, sizes and thicknesses and we cut your nails in a way that is suitable for your nail type, preventing issues such as ingrown toenails in the future. 

Not only do we trim nails, debride callus and treat ingrown toenails we also understand why it’s happening and we can put strategies in place to prevent these issues occurring again. These may include footwear advice, offloading techniques as well as ongoing general nail and skin care advice. 

Podiatrists are required to comply with strict infection control procedures. All instruments are cleaned and sterilised after the consultation which prevents the spread of fungal and bacterial infections of the skin and nails between patients. 

If after reading this you still decide to go to a nail salon, here are a few tips on what to look out for. 

  • Ensure the nail salon is using a pack of sterilised instruments for every person. 
  • Ensure regular sanitising and cleaning of the area after every person. 
  • Opt out of having a foot bath or make sure it’s lined with plastic and changed for each person as this is where cross contamination of fungal and bacteria infections can occur. 

If you would like your nail and skin care done please call our friendly team today on 40455749 to book your initial consultation with our trained podiatrists. 


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