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Fungal toe nails, otherwise known as onychomycosis, is one of the most common conditions we see in our clinics across Far North QLD. Research suggests it affects 10% of the Australian population, however the percentage of fungal toe nails Cairns is much higher, due to our tropical conditions. Fungal spores thrive in humid, moist climates and that makes Northern Queensland the perfect breeding ground for these spores to multiply. Help is at hand; at FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics we have the means and equipment available to provide effective fungal toe nails Cairns treatments.

Cairns Fungal Toe Nail Symptoms

You may suffer from onychomycosis if you have one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Thickened nails
  • Crumbly/brittle nails
  • Distorted nail growth
  • Nail with no luster or shine
  • A dark coloured nail, caused by debris build up

Onychomycosis & Previous Fungal Nail Treatments

Onychomycosis often involves the nail bed/root and the section of the toe, from where the nail grows out from. Once the fungal spores are under the nail, they thrive in the dark, moist environment and feed off Keratin, the main substance which nails consist of. Individual’s with fungal toe nails are often embarrassed about the appearance of the nail/s, generally resulting in them trying to cover the toe nails up, with either nail polish or enclosed shoes. This in fact tends to accelerate the issue, due to the reduced exposure to natural light, leading to multiplication of the fungal spores.

Historically, fungal toe nails Cairns treatments consisted of topical solutions or oral medication. Topical treatments are expensive and labour intensive, needing to be applied daily and often providing relatively poor results (30-40% success rate). On the other hand, oral medications are rarely prescribed by doctors due to multiple side effects and the high workload they place on the liver.

Our Fungal Toe Nails – Cairns Treatments

Given the poor clinical results with topical treatment, and the large number of side effects of oral medication, we spent several months researching the latest technologies on the market, attending multiple conferences and seminars to find the most effective and least invasive fungal toe nails Cairns treatments. Our research led us to the Lunula Laser.

The Lunula Laser is a revolutionary class 2 low level laser, which uses two laser beams of varying wave lengths. The violet 405nm beam is anti-microbial and kills off the active fungal spores. What really sets the Lunula laser apart is the red 635nm beam. This laser beam acts to stimulate the body’s immune response by creating a localized inflammatory reaction. This increases blood flow to the area to promote nail bed regeneration and speeds up the treatment.

Why choose the Lunula Laser over other lasers?

  • 100% pain free. Hot lasers can be extremely uncomfortable due to burning of the nail bed
  • Current gold standard in fungal nail treatment with a 75-90% success rate
  • Treatment only takes 12mins per foot
  • No contraindications – can use on diabetics, high risk patients etc (hot laser you can’t)
  • Results with as little as 4 treatments

What does fungal toe nails Cairns treatment and assessment involve at FNQ Podiatry & Orthotics?

Initial fungal toe nail screenings are 30-minute consultations that consist of a thorough history, detailed assessment of your feet (including blood flow and neurological tests), fungal nail assessment and debridement of the affected nail/s. During this consultation, a fungal toe nails Cairns treatment plan is discussed, with all options outlined in detail. There are on the spot private health fund rebates available, should you have the relevant level of cover.

The number of Lunula Laser sessions required to provide effective fungal toe nails Cairns treatment varies from individual to individual and is dependent on how many nails are involved, what percentage of the nail is infected and the general health of the individual. A minimum of 4 sessions will be required, however can be up to 8 if the fungal infection is severe and long standing.

We’ve researched the technology and purchased the equipment to provide the most effective and least invasive fungal toe nails Cairns treatment. For more information or to arrange a fungal nail screening, appointments are available on (07) 4045 5749.


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