Our Top 5 open shoes this FNQ Summer

The FNQ heat is well and truly upon us already, which for most locals means wearing closed in shoes even less than usual. While this is not ideal, particularly for people who are in an acute injury phase, there are suitable options which can help to provide a balance over summer.


1. Archie thongs – Archies are a great alternative to your much loved haviannas. They provide a suitable amount of support for those trips camping or to the beach. Being 100% rubber compound they are not affected by water which is a big bonus through the summer months.

2. Vionic thongs – There are numerous styles in the vionic range, some casual and some dressier. These are a great supportive option for those days around home or ducking out for errands. The hours of shopping, cooking and cleaning, through the silly season especially, can take a massive toll on your feet. Trust us when we say your feet will thank you.

3.Revere sandals – With many styles to choose from, both mens and womens, revere are a fantastic choice for those people who are in a current injury phase where orthotics are a part of their treatment plan. Revere sandals all come with a standard fully removable footbed which can be replaced by your custom orthotic. This provides significant benefit throughout summer as while you won’t get the exact same support level as a closed in shoe you will still have a great amount of underfoot comfort and support to not delay your recovery.

4.Birkenstocks – Birkenstocks have become very trendy among the younger population of late, which is a big win for us a s podiatrists. Birkenstocks provide a great amount of support for casual wear for any age group, they even make kids sandals! One of the biggest benefits of birkenstocks which sets them apart from most other thong brands is their forefoot support. The birkenstock footbed has what is called a met dome pre-built into the sole which is crucial for those people suffering from any sort of forefoot pain.

5.Taos Trulie – Taos Trulie is one of the best selling women’s sandals. Why? It is a comfortable, supportive, casual sandal with a foot formed arch support insole and two leather upper adjustable straps for perfect fit. The heel pitch (gradient from heel to toe) is ideal for those suffering from achilles tendon pain. The slightly dressier style is perfect for casual wear or travelling.

Our podiatrist are all trained in footwear selection, so if you would like further information as to which shoe may be best suited for your needs, call today on 40455749 to book an appointment.