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Living in FNQ we are certainly no stranger to lathering on sunscreen on a daily basis. The outdoor lifestyle, thongs and barefeet is a way off life up this part of the country, however how often do you stop and sunscreen your feet? Unfortunately the feet and legs are one of the most overlooked areas of the body when it comes to skin cancers on the body. While they can present similarly to skin cancers on other sun-exposed areas, there are some sneaky areas which are frequently missed including between the toes and under the nails and these cancers often differ in appearance to what you would generally expect. There are three types of skin cancers of the feet and legs; basal cell carcinoma (uncommon on feet), squamous cell carcinoma (most frequent) and melanoma (most dangerous). 

Your Cairns podiatrist provides of the best tools for assessing ‘unusual’ spots or lumps, particularly melanomas, is the ABCDE method. 

A – Asymmetry = not uniform in shape. Non cancerous moles are typically uniform and symmetrical in shape.

B – Border = Borders that are irregular in shape can be an indicator of something more sinister, whereas non-cancerous moles usually have smooth, well-defined borders.

C- Colour = Usually more than one colour shade. Part of the spot may be lighter. 

D – Diameter = Melanoma growths are normally larger than 6mm in diameter, which is about the diameter of a standard pencil.

E – Evolution =  Look for changing characteristics, such as size, shape or colour. Most benign growths will not change 

The key to eliminating skin cancer on your feet or ankles is to catch the problem early and begin early Cairns Podiatry treatment. This will mean checking your feet – tops, soles, between toes and around the nails regularly for changes. If you notice anything suspicious, book an appointment with a skin care professional for further assessment. All of the podiatrists at FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics Cairns are trained in skin cancers of the legs and feet and can assess and provide further information if and when required. Call us on 4045 5749 to book an appointment today





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