Foot Drop Brace Options

Richie Brace: 


  • Custom orthotic footplate means the Richie brace has the ability to incorporate any feature a normal foot orthotic can possess.
  • Richie Brace for foot drop

    Custom fit to the foot and leg, excellent patient comfort

  • Medial or lateral suspension strap for extra rearfoot inversion/eversion control.
  • Allows some ankle joint range of motion unlike traditional AFOs which are fixed
  • Claimable through private health funds


  • Can be bulky therefore limiting shoe choice 
  • External straps which sit across the front of the shin may cause mild irritation/rubbing.

Exo – UP 


  • Customised to suit each individual through a 3D scan of the lower leg and foot which is then 3D printed to your exact anatomical features. 
  • Cairns Foot Drop Brace

    The new EXO-L UP ankle brace.

  • Extremely lightweight and streamlined in comparison to traditional braces 
  • Is not required to fit into shoes therefore the EXO up allows a much greater footwear choice. 
  • Adjustable cord that runs from the front of the ankle to the front of the shoe, this helps to actively lift your foot up while walking
  • Claimable through private health funds


  • Minor shoe modifications required – patch to be sewn on to allow cord to feed through and secure brace

Traditional AFO


Traditional AFO

  • Will fit reasonably well into most standard joggers.
  • Good for children due to continual growth spurts.


  • Typically the most rigid of the three device options, not allowing any ankle joint motion during gait.


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