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Orthotic Technology The Paromed System

FNQ Podiatry & Orthotics utilizes the latest Podiatric technology from Europe – the Paromed system. This, in conjunction with a thorough manual assessment/history allows for high quality evidence based care. The following is an outline of the technology used at each of our 5 clinics;

High-speed video gait analysis

We use the latest gait analysis software from Kinovia. It is the choice of many professional sporting organisations/teams for performance based analysis for their athlete’s. Kinovia allows us to video you while walking, jogging or running and slow it down to as little as 100 frames/second. It is amazing to see the high loads that we put our feet and legs under at while analyzing at this speed! We will then talk you through our findings during the consultation, with before/after clips being utilized for comparison.

Paromed Splate pressure software

Our Splate pressure plate allows us to record plantar pressures going through your feet during relaxed stance and walking. It therefore allows us to assess for abnormal or excessive loading through the foot. This system is especially valuable for assessing patients with fore-foot problems (ball of foot) and can show us where pressure deflection is required. It is also used for our ‘high-risk’ ulcer patients for prevention and treatment.

The Splate can also assess if you have a leg length difference and are therefore placing more pressure through one leg/foot. It is also useful for patients who have suffered from a stroke and can assess postural sway/centre of mass positioning.

Paromed 3D laser foot scan

The Paromed scanner takes a 3D scan of your foot that is exact to 0.1 of a mm. This then sends a 3D picture of your foot onto the computer for analysis. Pending on your assessment findings, our scans are taken non-weight bearing, partially weight-bearing or during stance. If orthotic therapy is clinically indicated, our Podiatrist will then use this scan to design/model your insoles onsite.

Paromed Orthotics

Paromed orthotics allow us to design/model your orthotics onsite to the specific requirements to your feet. We do not send off your orthotics to be designed by a third party, and therefore allows for more clinical accuracy.

By using the high speed video gait analysis, pressure plate analysis and 3D foot scanner, FNQ Podiatry & Orthotics are able to produce some of the best foot orthotics in the world. In fact, we stand by our product so much that we offer a money back guarantee – if you aren’t satisfied with your orthotics, we will continue to work with you, for free, until they are fixed. We don’t measure our success by the number of patients we have, we measure it by how many happy patients we have!