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Morton’s Neuroma Treatment Cairns

Morton’s Neuroma treatment Cairns is available at each of the FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics clinics. A Morton’s Neuroma is a thickened nerve that presents between the long bones (metatarsals) of your forefoot. Due to its increased thickness, the nerve commonly becomes impinged as it passes between the metatarsal heads. While neuromas may occur between any of the five metatarsals, the most common site in which they are found, is within the third webspace. The incidence of a Morton’s neuroma is 8 to 10 times greater in women then in men.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Morton’s Neuroma?

While there are generally no visual signs of the presence of a Morton’s Neuroma, there are various symptoms which are synonymous with the condition. The main presenting complaint from patients is a burning or tingling pain within the ball of their foot which often radiates or ‘shoots’ into the toes. If the neuroma is present within the third webspace, it will be the 3rd and 4th toes that become painful or numb. Symptoms may be aggravated by standing for prolonged periods, or by wearing high heels or shoes with a narrow toe box.

Why Did I Get A Morton’s Neuroma?

Anatomical abnormalities and structural issues within the foot are the primary reason why a Morton’s Neuroma may develop. These include;

  • Increased pronation of the feet (feet that roll in excessively)
  • Collapsed transverse plantar metatarsal arch collapse (collapsed ball of the foot)
  • Poor fitting footwear e.g. narrow shoes
  • Previous trauma to the fore-foot

How Are Morton’s Neuroma Diagnosed?

Due to the specific symptoms of this condition, a thorough history and biomechanical assessment is generally sufficient, for the diagnosis of a Morton’s Neuroma. We can also conduct a Mulder’s Test, a physical examination which provides reasonably accurate diagnosis of neuromas. This test is performed by squeezing the two metatarsal heads together with one hand, while putting pressure on the interdigital space with the other hand. If a neuroma is present, it is likely that the pain will be replicated by this test. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, the treating podiatrist may also refer you for an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosed and/or rule out further pathology.

What Are The Options For Morton’s Neuroma Treatment Cairns

We tailor our plans for Morton’s Neuroma treatment Cairns to each patient, dependent on the risk identified by the Podiatrist throughout their examination. However, conservative, non-surgical treatment options are very successful in the treatment of Morton’s Neuromas and are therefore always trialled before any invasive interventions are considered.

Generally, successful results are often achieved with the correct footwear advice and deflective padding. Following this, custom orthotic devices are often prescribed in order to offload the nerve and improve biomechanical risk factors. Cortisone injections and surgery are reserved for extreme cases and are rarely indicated.

Our clinics provide effective Morton’s Neuroma treatment Cairns for a range of patients. So, if you are concerned that you have Morton’s Neuroma, please call FNQ Podiatry and Orthotics today and we will get you on the road to recovery.